Mount Sinai School, Wokha

Mount Sinai School is a mission project of Wokha Town Baptist Church established in the year 1984. The school is located at Züvotong Colony, Wokha Town. It is the first mission school of Wokha Town Baptist Church to provide secular education in Christian atmosphere to students in the region.

Mount Sinai School is one of the best schools in Wokha Town. Since its inception, the college has nurtured thousands of students who are now in different occupations.

Strength (2019):

  • Present Students (2019): 270
  • Present Teaching Staff (2019): 19
  • Present Non-Teaching Staff (2019): 6

Chronology of previous Headmasters / Headmistress:

S.No Name Position Held Period
1 Late Ezanimo Nguljje, B.Th. B.D.  Headmaster In-charge 1984-1985
2 Late Mrs. Thungjano Tsanglao, B.A., B. Ed.  Headmistress 1986 -1987
3 Mr. Ben Moshahary, B.A.  Headmaster In-charge 1989
4 Late Mrs. Thungjano Tsanglao, B.A., B. Ed.  Headmistress March 1989 -1996
5 Rev. Sulumo Ezung, BRE, MRE, MABS  Headmaster In-charge April 1996-June 1997
6 Mr. Mhonbemo Murry, B.A.  Headmaster In-charge July 1997- August 1998
7 Mr. M Bhattacharjee, B.Sc., B.Ed.  Headmaster In-charge September 1998-July 1999
8 Late Mrs. Thungjano Tsanglao, B.A., B. Ed.  Headmistress August 1999-August 2004
9 Rev. Nyan Lotha, B.D., M.Min.  Acting Administrator August-September 2004
10 Mr. M Patton, B.A., BPEd., BT.  Headmaster September 2004-December 2007
11 Mr. Ekhungyamo Tungoe, B.A.  Headmistress January 2008-February 2009
12 Mr. M Wopemo Tsopoe, B.A., BT.  Administrator March-December 2009
13 Mr. T.Thungchibemo Lotha, MA.,B.Ed.  Headmaster January 2010 till date

Chronology of School Board Chairman:

Rev.Nzanbemo Murry 1984-1989
Rev.LK Tsanglao 1990-1992
Rev.K Chumben Kyong 1993-1995
Rev.Sulumo Ezung 1996-1993
Rev.S Thungrio Khuvung 1999-2001
Rev.Nyan Lotha 2002-2005
Rev.Abemo Jungio 2006-2009
Mr.Elanthung Jami March 2009 – September 2010
Rev.Khonbemo P. Kikon October 2010-2013
Rev.S Thungrio Khuvung 2014-2016
Rev.Abemo Jungio February 2017 -2020